my little helper

I read about development stage of the children. It said that children at the age of 5 to 8 can pick up their toys, make their beds, and clean their rooms. They can also lend a hand with tasks in the kitchen and garden.

I already see this milestone from Raine. I always spend time with my plants on my leisure time. Raine is with me. When I water the plants, I give her own little bucket. At first, she plays with the water but as she sees that her big brother Railey is doing the same way as I do, she imitates.

scrub spic and span

Children are great imitators and explorers. When they discover a new skill and try it, all we can do is encourage them and appreciate the effort they made regardless of what they can come up. The more they do the skill, the better they’ll get it well. And we have to watch them while they’re learning.

Raine is becoming my another little helper. She can make those cleaning, little by little. It is important that not only your physical appearance is clean, but also the things around you. It reflects for what and who you are.

And girl, clean is beautiful!


mom’s barbie

Months have passed and Raine’s development is going on a blast.

First, she doesn’t want to be in a crib so I kept it aside already. I’m keeping it, not for the reason that I’m planning to have a new baby, but as a remembrance of their childhood. However, if God give me another baby, I would heartily accept it. Raine’s turning 2 now and maybe it’s a good gap in pregnancy. But for now, I have to focus on my 2 lovely kids.

Raine can walk on her own. I have to run after her when she’s way up the stairs. I know she can do it through the top but I’m just worried. You know the feeling. Her dad might scold me if an incident happens. Lol!

This little girl is my doll. I can dress her the way I want her to. I will take this opportunity until she’s – uhm – 12? Because when our little girls are becoming a lady (in their adolescence stage), they chose their own style. And we have no control of it.


I’m a pink lover but I’m trying to let her wear with any color available. And thanks to her godparents, I have never bought a dress for her yet.


for our princess

Time flew so fast and I can’t believe you’re 1 year old now. Before you were just a fragile bundle in my arms, but now you are beginning to explore the beauty of our complex world.

For your first birthday, I chose a princess theme because every daughter is a mom’s princess – beautiful, wanderer, kind and strong. I surely know you are. Your dad and I always choose to have birthday parties at home, aside from going out is a big budget, we want that our home will hold any happy memories of our family.


As I watch you grow, here are just a few things that I want you to know:

You are your dad’s favorite girl. He is so overprotective. He never agrees of carrying you outside while the sun is up. He wants you to wear pajamas all the time because he doesn’t want you to have scars on your legs or have dark knees. Your dad wants to make you a beauty queen. But always remember that there’s so much more to beauty than what the world will want you to believe.

We cannot wait to see what lies ahead for your 2nd year, and how you will continue to be an inspiration on all the lives you touch.

Happy Birthday!

raine’s milestone

I took pictures of her every 21st of the month. I choose 2-4 pictures and put them designs. I printed all these pictures and keep in a scrapbook. I thought of uploading them here as this blog is intended for her.

Her progress…from suck to bite…from sleep all day to sleep all night…

Her growth…from crawl to walk…from cry to talk…

Her milestone…from lay to play…from cute baby to pretty lady…








…to be continued!

first family day out

Sinulog Viva Pit Senor! Railey love to see fireworks display, so the whole family went to Ayala Grounds to witness the fireworks display at night sky.  It was her first Sinulog day out. We laid down a thick blanket/carpet on the grass, played with the kids, picture taking while waiting for the night event. Until the first pop was heard…Railey happily screamed and Raine joyfully laughed while everybody in the crowd was uttering “wow!”



In addition to that, it was my first viewing of Sinulog fireworks display in Cebu…cheers to that Raine!

first December

at the photobooth

at the photobooth

Picture above was captured when Raine and her father had a photo bonding during our friends wedding, Tj and Roselle on December 19. The motif was apple green so my baby girl was dressed with the same color…and a green headband. 😉 This was her first formal event attended. Congrats and best wishes to Tj (he wish to keep his real name a secret to the public…hahaha) and Roselle.

going to 2013 first mass

going to 2013 first mass

T’is the season to be jolly! Rianna’s first Christmas celebration and our family’s first Christmas in our new home. Behind is a very cute Christmas tree. That’s what I can afford for now. Hope it will grow tall — not like designer (me)…hahaha!

first travel

The travel I meant is a travel being out of Cebu. The very first province she went to is Bohol – of course! My hometown. It was fiesta in the town and four (Orley, Railey, Raine and me) of us went to a 3-day vacation – July 15 to 17. It was her first time to see the rest of the Baldapan clan. She was so welcomed yet she won’t feel it at this age. She is still going 4 months.

first Bohol vacation

first Bohol vacation

This was also the time when my father “sikmol” her. Sikmol is a Visayan term for giving a baby his/her first food accompanied by a traditional rites, etc. There were something mixed in the food with different meanings on each. Blah blah blah…

For some reason, I always want my father to do it. Last time, he also did that to my boy, Railey.

welcome to the Christian world

Rianna Laine “raine” Rogero is now officially a member of the big Christian family! She is baptized at Birhen sa Regla Parish at 10:00 in the morning. Her godparents are our friends and workmates, namely:

  • Roland Ochea
  • Ellen Mercado
  • Emelyn Arong
  • Gretchen Caduyac
  • Jeane Lyn Butac Navia
  • Roselle Pino

We only had a short list, unlike kuya Railey that he had 12 pairs of godparents. We made it short because of the registration fee. 😉


Following the baptism ceremony was our house blessing in which we moved in last February 25. Friends and family were there! Lunch is served! As usual, my mother prepared the food. Yum yum yum! And my husband did all the processing again, prior to the event. Such an effort!

home sweet home

I was discharged from the hosptial first because baby have some medicine to maintain for 2 days. Good thing, it’s only 2 days, not like  from his kuya Railey that we waited 1 week before we can get him out.

On this day, my husband and I went back to the hospital to take our baby girl home. It was another whole day of processing. While my husband do all the walks, I served my baby with my fresh milk! hehehe

Upon arrival, it was my husband’s first time to carry her and play with her. Papa’s little girl!



Then, baby girl meet the rest of the family –> his kuya!


acknowledge the arrival of…

a shot taken from the nursery window

a shot taken from the nursery window

Name:   Rianna Laine Rogero

Date of Birth:   March 21, 2012     Time:   10:23 AM

Mode of Delivery:   NSVD (what does that mean, Doc?)

Room #:   Private – 222

Weight:   2.5 kg    Length:   49 cm

Head Circumference:   33 cm   Chest:   31 cm

OB:   Dr. Faelnar

Pedia:   Dr. Revelo